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faith, hope and love

A: today I got a letter from a dear friend. thank you for brightening my day. Thank you for today’s sermon and that I got to spend time with my old friend. Thank you for letting me trust that this friendship will stay strong no matter how many months we stay apart. I hadn’t seen her since May and yet it felt like we were never apart. The sky is beautiful right now and I’m feeling relaxed. I was going to take a nap, but for now, I am content just writing this. I don’t know what came over me. The letter I got today contained a passage from 1 Corinthians 13, and as I was looking around at church today, I noticed that another passage from 1 corinthians 13 was posted on the wall. This passage really moved me today. I was feeling sad because when my friend came, she was talking to my other friend about her boyfriend all night. I know I have talked to a friend about this topic a lot, but sometimes it does depress me when I feel like I’m the only one who is single. 

C: Help me to find time for God. I use my busy life as a reason to think about God only on Sundays but you should be on my mind all the time. I like this: “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:” psalm 39

T: I am grateful for my family, friends and support system that I have here. I want to thank you again for leading me to FBC. I feel at home. 

S: Lord, give me the strength and willpower to continue to search my soul and write like this every day. I want to become close to you. Hear my prayer


  1. Adoration    -  Praising, worshipping God, for Who He is

  2. Confession    -  Asking God to cleanse us from sin

  3. Thanksgiving    -  Believing, acknowledging God’s grace

  4. Supplication    -  Our specific prayer requests

    I met with a fellow athlete on Friday and she told me to try prayer using these 4 prompts as a guide. I want to see if putting my thoughts somewhere where I can see them will help me on my journey.

love this song!

the worst thing is getting yelled at for trying to help.

but the best thing is when someone else notices and gives you credit.


i didn’t realize until now how incredibly blessed I am to be here. Especially today. i’m sorry, but there are no better words to describe it than HOLY FUCK. let me elaborate:

2 days ago, my dad picked me up from work and noticed that I hadn’t been wearing a helmet while riding my bike. He made me promise to wear a helmet from that point on. Confident in my bike riding skills, I nodded a half-hearted, insincere agreement, yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, dad. Fast forward to today. I always leave for work about 15 minutes ahead of my shift just so I have time to put my stuff in my locker and meander down to the front end to start my shift on time. I was casually riding down the hill, thinking about what my dad said about the helmet, and thinking about what would happen if I did get into an accident, but shrugged it off since I always ride on the sidewalk anyway. As I got to the bottom of the hill, and my speed started to decrease, I started to pedal to keep up my momentum. I had totally forgotten that my bike was on an extremely low speed because I had biked up the hill on low gear the day before and never changed it back. Long story short, my foot slipped and got caught in my wheel, and I went flying. 

It’s kind of erie that I was debating the possibility of a similar event happening as it happened in real life. I was warned by my dad 2 days before. Yet, I’m stubborn. I feel like this is the way I have been with my faith. Maybe this is a wake up call to tell me to not be afraid to take the next step. All I know is that today, I am so thankful to be alive. I’m so freaking BLESSED. I definitely could have died, gotten a concussion or sustained worse injuries. 

My faith in the human race also was restored today. As I tried to wipe up my blood with my shirt, a kind woman named Margaret stopped to help me. She was a teacher visiting her parents from Illinois, and she was on her way to lunch. I didn’t cry when I fell, but I almost cried at her kindness. She helped me wipe off my face and gave me band-aids and tissues. She then asked me where I was going and insisted on putting my bike in her car and driving me to work. I know this will be the only time our paths cross, Margaret, but you are truly a blessing to me and I pray that God will continue to watch over you. 

I am so lucky to walk away with only scrapes on my hands and a small cut on my chin (even though it won’t stop bleeding :’(). And I thank God for letting me see more clearly, but, dude… these coinky-dinks are kind of creepy!

nothing is an accident.

God is love.

it is not an accident that I’m reading this book right now. it is not an accident that i chose to read it with you. The more I come to know God, the more I am baffled by the “coincidences” that He has provided for me. 

I felt that my decision to go to Smith was made on a whim. My first year was, honestly, sort of a struggle. I did make friends, I learned a lot, but I felt like something was missing. isn’t college supposed to be “the best years of your life”? I attended parties, played sports, did my school work, attended class, but I didn’t feel at home, like I belonged. 

This year, I was blessed to find people who truly cared about me in AKC. During room draw last year, I was the second-to-last person to choose a room in my house. As I was debating between the two rooms which were left, I chose a random room on a whim. It’s not an accident that I chose to live next door to someone who goes to AKC, someone who was always available to talk and give advice. I didn’t even know that AKC existed, and yet, somehow, I ended up being neighbors with the leader of the AKC small group! And then, when I first attended service, i was amazed at how many of the Smithies there were in my classes at school. I think it’s moments like these when we really confirm that nothing is an accident. we just need to open our eyes a little wider, and know in our hearts that no matter what we do, every seemingly small decision is going to lead to something bigger, and that everything, everyone has a purpose.

My Covenant: With God’s help, I commit the next 40 days of my life to discovering God’s purpose for my life.